About My Blog

This is a Beatles Blog!!
Some will be about John. Or George. Or Paul or Ringo! Also the ex-beatles Stuart and Pete Best! So enjoy! and interstin stuff about em!! this is my first time so please…if i get some beatle imfo wrong…just comment and tell me! Thanks! The Beatles are also the funniest band ever…maybe! xD but to me they are! Below is a pic! arent they adorable!?!?!

So To the Beatles. Since 1950s-1970. 


2 Responses to About My Blog

  1. Samantha says:

    Uh…Hello! I just stumbled upon this page and it’s adorable! Big Beatles fan myself, I think it’s great that you’ve a a blog-thingie! Anyway, I dunno if you’ll read this, seeing as how you’ve not posted anything in…13 months, but it’s worth a try! Post more, please, I implore you!

    Ram on,
    Sailor Sam 🙂

    • I know. I’m 14 so yeah…anyways I’m not doin this blog thingy(lol) because my computer won’t let me log in. I have another one tho called Here There and Everywhere Beatles at Blogger. This one I’m thinkin of deleting. What do you think?
      I like your name btw! 😉
      I’ll email u the link if you want. 🙂
      Peace n Love!

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