Summer Time is Here Again!

Summer with the Beatles!  some summer pics of the Beatles!…

George at the beach

George is at the beach(left)

 This one of Ringo is hime naping      

Ringo sleeping by the pool!Paul is sleeping!

 Paul on a boat

*left to right* a friend, Paul(14) and George(13)!

The Beatles


The Beatles at the beach! Splashing stuff!

Have a great Summer!

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Beatles First Interview

The Beatles


According to reknown Beatles author Mark Lewisohn, this is the Beatles’ first-ever radio interview. Lewisohn accurately describes it as rare and fascinating, not just for historical importance, but also because it’s wonderfully intriguing.

At the time of this 1962 interview, the Beatles are still making regular visits to Hamburg, and Ringo Starr is so new to the group that he’s still keeping track of how long he’s been a Beatle by the number of weeks! This interview takes place following the release of their first single ‘Love Me Do,’ and before the final version of ‘Please Please Me’ had been arrived at. At the time of this interview they have not yet had a #1 hit. It is a rare glimpse of the early Beatles, recorded on October 28th 1962 at Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight, on the Wirral in England.

The interview was recorded for Radio Clatterbridge, a closed-circuit radio station serving Cleaver and Clatterbridge Hospitals, on the Wirral. Monty Lister was responsible for two of the shows on this station: Music With Monty, and Sunday Spin. The days of the Beatles’ more widely broadcast radio interviews were still in the future at this time.

This new group of youngsters is interviewed by Monty Lister, with additional questions from Malcolm Threadgill and Peter Smethurst.

                                          – Jay Spangler,

MONTY: It’s a very great pleasure for us this evening to say hello to an up-and-coming Merseyside group, The Beatles. I know their names, and I’m going to try and put faces to them. Now, you’re John Lennon, aren’t you?”

JOHN: “Yes, that’s right.”

MONTY: “What do you do in the group, John?”

JOHN: “I play harmonica, rhythm guitar, and vocal. That’s what they call it.”

MONTY: “Then, there’s Paul McCartney. That’s you?”

PAUL: “Yeah, that’s me. Yeah.”

MONTY: “And what do you do?”

PAUL: “Play bass guitar and uhh, sing? …I think! That’s what they say.”

MONTY: “That’s quite apart from being vocal?”

PAUL: “Well… yes, yes.”

MONTY: “Then there’s George Harrison.”

GEORGE: “How d’you do.”

MONTY: “How d’you do. What’s your job?”

GEORGE: “Uhh, lead guitar and sort of singing.”

MONTY: “By playing lead guitar does that mean that you’re sort of leader of the group or are you…?”

GEORGE: “No, no. Just… Well you see, the other guitar is the rhythm. Ching, ching, ching, you see.”

PAUL: “He’s solo guitar, you see. John is in fact the leader of the group.”

MONTY: “And over in the background, here, and also in the background of the group making alot of noise is Ringo Starr.”

RINGO: “Hello.”

MONTY: “You’re new to the group, aren’t you Ringo?”

RINGO: “Yes, umm, nine weeks now.”

MONTY: “Were you in on the act when the recording was made of ‘Love Me Do’?”

RINGO: “Yes, I’m on the record. I’m on the disc.”

(the group giggles)

RINGO: (comic voice) “It’s down on record, you know?”

MONTY: “Now, umm…”

RINGO: “I’m the drummer!”


MONTY: “What’s that offensive weapon you’ve got there? Those are your drumsticks?”

RINGO: “Well, it’s umm… just a pair of sticks I found. I just bought ’em, you know, ‘cuz we’re going away.”

MONTY: “When you say you’re going away, that leads us on to another question now. Where are you going?”

RINGO: “Germany. Hamburg. For two weeks.”

MONTY: “You have standing and great engagements over there, haven’t you?”

RINGO: “Well, the boys have been there quite alot, you know. And I’ve been there with other groups, but this is the first time I’ve been there with the Beatles.”

MONTY: “Paul, tell us. How do you get in on the act in Germany?”

PAUL: “Well, it was all through an old agent.”


PAUL: (chuckles) “We first went there for a fella who used to manage us, and Mr. Allan Williams of the Jacaranda Club in Liverpool. And he found the engagements so we sort of went there, and then went under our own…”

JOHN: “Steam.”

PAUL: “Steam… (laughs)

JOHN: “…as they say.”

PAUL: “As they say, afterwards, you know. And we’ve just been going backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards.”

MONTY: (surprised) “You’re not busy at all?”

PAUL: “Well yes, actually. Yes. It’s been left-leg in all the war.”


MONTY: “George, were you brought up in Liverpool?”

GEORGE: “Yes. So far, yes.”

MONTY: “Whereabouts?”

GEORGE: “Well, born in Wavertree, and bred in Wavertree and Speke– where the airplanes are, you know.”

MONTY: “Are you all ‘Liverpool types,’ then?”

RINGO: “Yes.”

JOHN: “Uhh… types, yes.”

PAUL: “Oh yeah.”

RINGO: “Liverpool-typed Paul, there.”

MONTY: “Now, I’m told that you were actually in the same form as young Ron Wycherley…”

RINGO: “Ronald. Yes.”

MONTY: “…now Billy Fury.”

RINGO: “In Saint Sylus.”

MONTY: “In which?”

RINGO: “Saint Sylus.”

JOHN: “Really?”

RINGO: “It wasn’t Dingle Bay like you said in the Musical Express.”

PAUL: “No, that was wrong. Saint Sylus school.”

MONTY: “Now I’d like to introduce a young disc jockey. His name is Malcolm Threadgill, he’s 16-years old, and I’m sure he’d like to ask some questions from the teenage point of view.”

MALCOLM: “I understand you’ve made other recordings before on a German label.”

PAUL: “Yeah.”

MALCOLM: “What ones were they?”

PAUL: “Well, we didn’t make… First of all we made a recording with a fella called Tony Sheridan. We were working in a club called ‘The Top Ten Club’ in Hamburg. And we made a recording with him called, ‘My Bonnie,’ which got to number five in the German Hit Parade.”

JOHN: “Ach tung!”

PAUL: (giggles) “But it didn’t do a thing over here, you know. It wasn’t a very good record, but the Germans must’ve liked it a bit. And we did an instrumental which was released in France on an EP of Tony Sheridan’s, which George and John wrote themselves. That wasn’t released here. It got one copy. That’s all, you know. It didn’t do anything.”

MALCOLM: “You composed ‘P.S. I Love You’ and ‘Love Me Do’ yourself, didn’t you? Who does the composing between you?”

PAUL: “Well, it’s John and I. We write the songs between us. It’s, you know… We’ve sort of signed contracts and things to say, that now if we…”

JOHN: “It’s equal shares.”

PAUL: “Yeah, equal shares and royalties and things, so that really we just both write most of the stuff. George did write this instrumental, as we say. But mainly it’s John and I. We’ve written over about a hundred songs but we don’t use half of them, you know. We just happened to sort of rearrange ‘Love Me Do’ and played it to the recording people, and ‘P.S. I Love You,’ and uhh, they seemed to quite like it. So that’s what we recorded.”

MALCOLM: “Is there anymore of your own compositions you intend to record?”

JOHN: “Well, we did record another song of our own when we were down there, but it wasn’t finished enough. So, you know, we’ll take it back next time and see how they like it then.”

(long pause)

JOHN: (jokingly) “Well… that’s all from MY end!”


MONTY: “I would like to just ask you– and we’re recording this at Hume Hall, Port Sunlight– Did any of you come over to this side before you became famous, as it were? Do you know this district?”

PAUL: “Well, we played here, uhh… I don’t know what you mean by famous, you know.


PAUL: “If being famous is being in the Hit Parade, we’ve been over here– we were here about two months ago. Been here twice, haven’t we?”

JOHN: “I’ve got relations here. Rock Ferry.”

MONTY: “Have you?”

JOHN: “Yes. Oh, all sides of the water, you know.”

PAUL: “Yeah, I’ve got a relation in Claughton Village– Upton Road.”

RINGO: (jokingly) “I’ve got a friend in Birkenhead!”


MONTY: “I wish I had.”

GEORGE: (jokingly) “I know a man in Chester!”


MONTY: “Now, that’s a very dangerous thing to say. There’s a mental home there, mate. Peter Smethurst is here as well, and he looks like he is bursting with a question.”

PETER: “There is just one question I’d like to ask. I’m sure it’s the question everyone’s asking. I’d like your impressions on your first appearence on television.”

PAUL: “Well, strangely enough, we thought we were gonna be dead nervous. And everyone said, ‘You suddenly, when you see the cameras, you realize that there are two million people watching,’ because there were two million watching that ‘People And Places’ that we did… we heard afterwards. But, strangely enough, it didn’t come to us. We didn’t think at all about that. And it was much easier doing the television than it was doing the (live musical performance) radio. It’s still nerve-wracking, but it was a bit easier than doing radio because there was a full audience for the radio broadcast.”

MONTY: “Do you find it nerve-wracking doing this now?”


PAUL: (jokingly) “Yeah, yeah.”

MONTY: “Over at Cleaver Hospital, a certain record on Parlophone– the top side has been requested. So perhaps the Beatles themselves would like to tell them what it’s going to be.”

PAUL: “Yeah. Well, I think it’s gonna be ‘Love Me Do.'”

JOHN: “Parlophone R4949.”


PAUL: “‘Love Me Do.'”

MONTY: “And I’m sure, for them, the answer is P.S. I love you!”

PAUL: “Yeah.”

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George Harrison, (The Quiet One)

George enjoying a meal!

George Harrison, known as the quiet one, was born in Liverpool England at his home at 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree which was a small 2 up, 2 down terraced house in a cul-de-sac, with an alley to the rear, on February 25, 1943. His dad, Harold Harrison, was a bus driver and his mum, Louise Harrison, was a Liverpool shop assistant. He had  3 older siblings, Louise(16 August 1931), Harold(1934), and Peter(20 July 1940). George grew up in there house untill he was 6 years old.  At 12 Arnold Grove the only heating was a single coal fire, and the toilet was outside. In 1950 the family were offered a council house and moved to 25 Upton Green, Speke.

George became interested in music at age 13 (same here with me!!). His mother found drawings of guitars in his pants pockets, and she bought him his first guitar.

This is from their 2nd movie HELP!

George Harrison!

His first school was Dovedale Primary School, very close to Penny Lane the same school as John Lennon who was a couple of years ahead of him.  He passed his 11-plus examination and achieved a place at the Liverpool Institute for Boys (in the building that now houses the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) which he attended from 1954 to 1959.  George said that, when he was 12 or 13, he had an “epiphany” of sorts – riding a bike around his neighbourhood, he heard Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” playing from a nearby house and was hooked.[20] Even though he did well enough on his 11-plus examination to get into the city’s best high school, from that point on, the former good student lost interest in school.  When Harrison was 14 years old, he sat at the back of the class and tried drawing guitars in his schoolbooks: “I was totally into guitars. I heard about this kid at school who had a guitar at £3 10s, it was just a little acoustic round hole. I got the £3 10s from my mother: that was a lot of money for us then.” Harrison bought a Dutch Egmond flat top acoustic guitar.  While at the Liverpool Institute, Harrison formed a skiffle group called The Rebels with his brother Peter and a friend, Arther Kelly. At this school he met Paul McCartney, who was one year older.  McCartney later became a member of John Lennon’s band called The Quarrymen, which Harrison joined in 1958.

George at 6 years went to Dovetale then became very good friends with Paul McCartney. Who also took the bus to their school, Liverpool Institute for Boys, and they found they both had interest in music! Paul right now was with the group called The Querrymen started by John Lennon. Paul asked John if George could join their little group, but John said “no” cos he was to young, George was only 14. But George hung around the group filling in the guitarist that didn’t show up.  George, to John, was the “kid who always hung around” but John later invited the 16 year old George to join the group! George John Paul (drummer Pete Best)

George's first giutar

George Harrison was the youngest of the four Beatles and the youngest of four children in his family!  He and his fellow beatle mates played in movies, A Hard Days Night and HELP!. George had his first song written in their movie HELP! called Don’t Bother Me. George also got into Indian music from HELP! and he started playing the sitar, when they went to India, in 1968, he took lessons from Ravi Shankar.


George and his mum dancing! So Sweet!

During their fourth film, Let It Be, George and the others got into an argument about that George wasn’t doing this right and that. George later just walked out.

This was the start of there break up and George going on to a new life.

George’s Death

George Harrison died on Nov. 29, 2001. From lung cancer.

Relationships with the other Beatles:  

For the most part of the Beatles career, the relationships in the group were extremely close and intimate. According to Hunter Davis, “The Beatles spent their lives not living a communal life, but communally living the same life. They were each other’s greatest friends.” Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd described how the Beatles “all belonged to each other” and admitted, “George has a lot with the others that I can never know about. Nobody, not even the wives, can break through or even comprehend it.” Ringo Starr also stated, “We really looked out for each other and we had so many laughs together. In the old days we’d have the biggest hotel suites, the whole floor of the hotel, and the four of us would end up in the bathroom, just to be with each other.” and added “There were some really loving, caring moments between four people: a hotel room here and there – a really amazing closeness. Just four guys who loved each other. It was pretty sensational.”

John Lennon stated that his relationship with George was “one of young follower and older guy.” and admitted that “[George] was like a disciple of mine when we started.”The two would often go on holiday together throughout the 60s. Their relationship took a severe turn for the worst after George published his autobiography, I Me Mine. Lennon felt insulted and hurt that George mentioned him only in passing. Lennon claimed he was hurt by the book and also that he did more for George than any of the other Beatles. As a result, George and John were not on good terms during the last years of Lennon’s life.  After Lennon’s murder, George paid tribute to Lennon with his song “All Those Years Ago” which was released in 1981, six months after Lennon’s murder.

Paul McCartney has often referred to Harrison as his “baby brother”, and he did the honours as best man at George’s wedding in 1966. The two were the first of the Beatles to meet, having shared a school bus, and would often learn and rehearse new guitar chords together. McCartney stated that he and George usually shared bedrooms together while touring.

George and Pattie


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The Beatles (left to right) John, George, Paul, Ringo

Hello! Welcome to my blog about The Beatles!! The best band in history!!! I love them!

Leader of the group is John Lennon, lead guitarist is George Harrison, their bassest is Paul McCartney, and their drumer is Ringo Starr. The Beatles are from Liverpool, England. John was born to Julia and Alfred Lennon on Oct. 9, 1940, Ringo was born to Elsie and Richard Starkey on July 7, 1940, George was born to Harold and Louise Harrison on Feb. 25, 1943 and has 3 older siblings, Paul was born to Mary and Jim McCartney on June 18, 1942.

That is partly the story of the Beatles!

(left to right) John, Paul, George, Ringo

These are the little Beatles!

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