School is BACK!

Well back to school! some may like it others may not!
John at his school! He may be about 7 or 8.

Here is a link, this guy i think was at the same school as the Beatles! Might find this enteresting!:

Paul and his brother Mike-Joseph Williams Primary School and then the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys

George- Dovedale Primary School and then the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys

Ringo- Liverpool Secondary Modern School

John-Quarry Bank Grammar School (this is where the name “Querrymen” same from (John’s grooup before becomeing the beatles))

John (teenager)   

                                                                                         George (teenager)

Where's the baby Beatle? Keen eyed fans may be able to spot a young Paul McCartney, far left, reading a comic

Find Little Paulie in this Pic! Hes Not looking at the camera!

Imagine all the people: Can you spot John Lennon (six rows back, seven from left) in this school picture from 1957?

^ Find John Lennon!!

George Harrison - George is on the back row, second from the left. The photo is from about 1949/50.

<George was about 6 years old. Find him!

Beatles at school

George- lost interest really quick and quit school in High School

John- Got kicked out of Kindergarden, and other schools, most of the time.

Paul- he graduated from school! and did well at shcool!

Ringo- by the age of 16 he could barly read or write. was in the hospital most of his life. (poor Ringo!)

Paul McCartney

Ringo (Richard) Starr (Starkey)


About PaulMcCartneyBeat

Beatles lover! George Harrison and Paul McCartney are my fave beatles! And singers!! George is my favourite guitarist!
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